2019 Trends for Software Engineers/Developers

According to www.usnews.com Software Developer is at the top of their list for 100 Best Jobs in 2019. If you have been considering a career as a Software Engineer/Developer you could not find a better time to jump in. The demand for qualified professionals in this industr is increasing rapidly. However, many companies are having a difficult time finding individuals that possess more than just the basics in training. Companies are looking for individuals who not only possess knowledge of programming and design but also other skills such as effective problem-solving.
Launch School: A school for Software Engineers, explains that this problem originates from something they call bootcamp grads. The training received is not always extensive enough to ensure an inclusive and well rounded education for the students.

Software Engineers/Developers are in high demand right now. This is made even more apparent after reading this article written by, OLENA HERASYMCHUK found on the DAXX site. The following excerpt from their article is very telling:

US Tech Talent Shortage in Numbers
Currently, the US software job market faces a 472K tech talent shortage with 9 in 10 business owners struggling to find and hire IT professionals according to research done by Indeed. Hiring software engineers is the second most common issue employers are facing — 23.84% of respondents in the State of Software Development 2018 research admit that they face considerable difficulties while searching for candidates. 
The overwhelming demand for programmers has resulted in the growth of software developer salaries and transformed IT into the best-compensated sector. The median computer programmer salary in the US is more than $100K per year, which in some states is two times more than the average regional pay.
Unable to fill tech vacancies, employers shuffle off additional duties to current employees, which leads to burnout and has a negative impact on local business development. Over 30% of respondents surveyed by Indeed admit that this issue accelerates staff turnover.
Companies are forced to sacrifice their demands in pursuit of meeting hiring goals: only 29.4% of candidates for software architect positions and 39.6% for DevOps job openings fully meet employers’ requirements. With over 50% of businesses hiring tech employees despite the mismatch between requirements and actual skills, the quality of the product/service provided decreases.
You may think it’s all about the location: it’s no news that Silicon Valley explodes with new job openings daily. But no — 4 out of 5 large tech corporations in the US are from outside Silicon Valley, which validates the nationwide talent shortage.

Read full article here.

Launch School: A school for Software Engineers, has this to say about some of the education options available for Software Engineering: “A lot of code schools and bootcamps don’t spend much time on fundamentals, or they briefly cover them simultaneously with higher level concerns”. They explain the problem with this approach as follows.

Hiring managers, especially at high-end tech companies, are finding that many bootcamp grads have a general awareness of programming topics and knowledge of specific frameworks, but lack the deeper fundamental understanding and problem-solving skills that they’re looking for in their engineering roles.

Launch School : A School for Software Engineers. So You Want to be A Software Engineer? (Part 1 of 4) [Web log post]. Retrieved April 8, 2019, from https://medium.com/launch-school/so-you-want-to-be-a-software-engineer-part-1-of-4-426f574f2ba2

According to payscale.com The average salary for a Software Engineer in the San Francisco area is said to be $114,596. You can also see who the popular companies are to work for in this industry as well as what their pay ranges are:
“Leading companies who hire large numbers of Software Engineers in San Francisco, Calif. include Google, Inc., Yelp! Inc., Salesforce.com, Inc., Facebook Inc, and Uber Technologies, Inc”.

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