Can a Recruiter Resume Distribution Service Help Your Job Search?

The short answer to whether a recruiter resume distribution service can help you is, yes.  The idea behind the service is that your resume will be sent out to hundreds, if not thousands, of eager recruiters whose job it is to find you a new place to work.  They do a lot of the heavy lifting and you get callbacks for interviews.  But there is some strategy behind making the service work its best for you.  Here’s some key points to help you maximize the value and return of engaging with a resume distribution service.

Define your criteria

You will need to define certain criteria such as your target job positions, location, willingness to relocate, etc.  The clearer you are in your ability to define your career goal or idea job, the easier it will be for others to be able to find a match.  By being clear with your intentions it will avoid a lot of confusion and will save everyone, including you, a lot of time and energy.

Write a compelling letter to the recruiter

You will need to introduce yourself to the recruiter when your resume is distributed.  You can do this most effectively with a letter to the recruiter.  In this letter you need to convey a compelling reason why the recruiter should take their time to work with you and help find you a job, along with what key values you can offer a hiring organization. Your recruiter letter similar to a cover letter but doesn’t necessarily need to be as full of information; this is a high-level, introductory letter that gets the recruiter excited about learning more about you and to help you land a job.  Keep it short and sweet, and please, put your contact information on the letter!

Follow up for success

Depending on the service you use, you may be provided with a list of all the recruiters, or recruiting agencies, that your resume was sent to.  Start making calls!  Set a goal for yourself to call a certain number of recruiters each day.  This step is critical to making the right connections.  Start a dialogue with the recruiters you speak with, ask them questions, tell them your goals, and work with them to get to know you better.  This will serve you well.

With a clear trajectory, the right attitude, the willingness to put in your time and network with the recruiters you sent your resume to, you will find that a recruiter resume distribution service will be a useful service in your job search.  Your job search will be opened up to opportunities you hadn’t heard about, and your ability to land a fitting job in a shorter time-frame will be increased.  Best wishes!


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