Current Resume Trends

The topic of resumes and resume trends is an ever evolving, and often contentious discussion.  There are many experienced, knowledgeable professionals with differing opinions on what a resume should look like.  And while there certainly are appropriate formats for particular job positions, there can be a tremendous amount of variation within each realm.  Let’s take a look at what resume trends Power Writers USA has observed to be successful.


Going beyond black and white

You want your resume to stand out among others, right?  While the industry hasn’t quite advanced to the point where we send video, or even hologram resumes, you can make an impact with some color!  Liven things up by a tasteful use of color to highlight key sections that you really want your reader to notice.  Use subtle color or shading to break up larger sections of bulleted information.  Just keep in mind to use color sparingly and tastefully.  Using too bold of colors or using too much color can be distracting to the reader and take away from the message.


Show your accomplishments

It’s one thing to write about your accomplishments, in fact, it’s to be expected.  But let’s take it a step further and try to incorporate some eye-catching graphics that are easy to understand and add visual support to your accomplishment. This will break up the monotony of text and can help the reader remember key messages you want to convey.


Keywords, Keywords, Keywords

It’s not just about colors and graphics.  A great resume will incorporate keywords or phrases blended from the job postings you’re are looking at.  Take the time to read through each posting to identify what is most important to the hiring organization.  Incorporate those keywords into your own experiences if you really want to make an impact.  Having a core competencies section with focus keywords is also a good way to showcase your job-related skills.


Use Plain English

Make sure your message is simple and clear.  You don’t need to write your resume like you would write a dissertation.  Deliver your message and relevant experiences and accomplishments in a way that almost anyone could get the idea about what you’ve done and what value you bring to the table.  If you have to provide a context for an accomplishment or job component that is more than one short sentence, you may be at risk of losing the reader’s attention.


Remember the Purpose

A resume is a marketing tool, not your life story.  Take the time to deliver a clear message about what you’ve done and what value you can add to an organization.  For each line or statement you write, try to answer the question, “so what?” in order to make a big impact.  A hiring manager wants to see that you can deliver results.


There Are No Rules

This is mostly true.  You can be bold and unorthodox with your resume presentation in an attempt to stand out.   Just make sure your message is clear and your resume flows nicely from top to bottom.  We are creatures of habit and react well when we can quickly understand a pattern.  This being said, use a traditional outline (unless you happen to be in a creative field), then spice things up to stand out from the pack.

And remember, you can always reach out to us if you have any questions or want an opinion.


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