IT Industry Professionals: Great Paying States For Tech Jobs In America

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The American technology industry is hungry for talent. Studies suggest that although the industry saw a decline in technology manufacturing needs, the world of software continues to grow with over 198,000 jobs added to the marketplace in the past year.

But what kinds of software related jobs does America’s tech sector need? What areas of interest should technology workers be looking to fill? Outside of the hotbed of activity in California, where else can workers finding well paying technology jobs that match the needs of both employees and employers? Should workers relocate or command similar wages in home states?

Global Knowledge, a provider of learning services and professional development solutions, recently compiled its 2016 IT Skills and Salary Report. The comprehensive study breaks down the earning power of tech workers through a state-by-state analysis; the types of skills development that can garner higher wages; and key areas of interest where the technology is aiming to grow in 2016 and beyond.

Let’s take a look at some of they key findings from the Global Knowledge report.

Best & Worst States By Average Salaries

Here are the top fives states where technology workers are commanding the highest pay for their work:

Washington D.C. – $104,265
Virginia – $103,395
Maryland – $99,678
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California – $96,066
New York – $95,219

It isn’t entirely surprising to see the East Coast rank higher in Global Knowledge’s recent findings. California has long been a highly competitive and crowded marketplace for tech companies vying for consumer wallets. But as America embarks on solving new technology challenges like cyber security, these regions often contain the headquarters of organizations (public or private) that are looking to hire top talent.

Now let’s look at the bottom five states for technology salaries in America:

New Mexico – $67,271
Wyoming – $65,602
Vermont – $62,361
North Dakota – $62,125
West Virginia – $61,348

So why are these states at the bottom for compensation earned in America? For starters, the cost of living in these regions are arguably lower than major city centers in the United States. Higher costs of living result in higher payouts to meet the needs or workers.

The five bottom performing states may also have smaller technology sectors, or they are known for other industries outside of software creation. New Mexico’s main source of income is oil and gas production. West Virginia’s economy is highly dependant on its coal industry, but is also known as a global hub for chemical and biotech organizations.

Major Skills & Needs

Respondents surveyed in the report–from IT decision makers to application developers to non-IT professionals–all cited security as a major concern. Company systems are constantly vulnerable to hacking attacks, and every level of an IT department has to be aware of how the code or systems being administered are secure from any attacks.

Technology workers with hard skills in the following topics will be filling much needed talent gaps inside American companies.

Here are the top five areas of interest for technology companies in America:

Cloud Computing
IT Architecture
Network Engineering
Network Operations

Here are the top five skillsets that American tech companies are having difficulty for hiring talent:

IT Security
IT Architecture
Cloud Computing
Network Engineering
.NET Development
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