Keys for Making Your Job Search Effective

Searching for a job doesn’t have to be as painful as it sounds, although it can be laborious and tedious sometimes.  Make it fun and encourage yourself with knowing that you will reach your goal and land a great job you want.  Here are some great tips to make your job search effective.


Manage You Time

Setup a schedule for yourself to assist in your job search.  The amount of time that can go into a job search can seem overwhelming break it up into smaller pieces.  Commit to 1-2 hours per day to work on your job search and make that a part of your routine.  Make it mandatory for yourself.  Use this time to work on your resume, research new jobs, use the time for self-improvement etc.  And make it fun.

Create a Portfolio

A cover letter and resume are standard documents for almost any job application.  Maybe it’s time you do something a little extra to really capture the attention of the hiring manager.  Create a portfolio of your accomplishments that you can incorporate into your application documents.

Hire a Resume Writer

The difference between an ok resume and a great resume can be staggering!  Your resume can potentially be the most important document you hold.  It can mean the difference between getting callbacks and interviews and sitting at home.  It can be the difference in your salary.  The number of people are growing that realize that it is worth the investment to hire a professional resume writer.  While there are a lot of resume writers out there be sure to hire a certified professional resume writer as they have demonstrated their skills to a board of judges.


LinkedIn is becoming a powerhouse when it comes to networking and job searching.  You can connect with recruiters, search for jobs, hire career coaches, interview coaches, resume writers, and more.  Explore the features LinkedIn has to offer.


Brush up on some of the communication basics.  Yes, you’ve been speaking your native language your whole life but that doesn’t mean you know how to properly send emails, thank you letters, etc.  Read some articles and brush up on your communication skills to make you stand out in a more professional light.  Communication is such an important factor for any business, relationship etc. that it is truly worth it to invest the time in yourself to improve.

A Healthy Lifestyle

Make sure you are treating yourself well with a good diet, exercise, and other personal enrichment activities.  Looking good and feeling good will come across to others in a profound way.  You are worth the investment in yourself.  You will walk into an interview speaking and feeling more confident.  A well-balanced lifestyle and job search strategy will pay off, just stick with it.



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