Professional Affiliations & Community Relations

We are active members of the Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches and the National Resume Writers’ Association, and have been since 2015. Not only does the annual membership help to validate our company and brand as trustworthy and legitimate, but it helps support the industry as a whole. We are always excited to read the monthly updates and columns sent by both organizations. Members and resume writers alike contribute to the stories, which helps drive industry success through continuing education, new trends and research, and open communication. The better we are as resume writers, the better our clients do, which is really, our sole purpose.


How does this relate to you? The Regional Territory Manager for a nationwide pharmaceutical sales brand? The nurse who travels every 3 months to a new hospital? The Network Admin who manages Fortune 500 enterprise IT systems? Everyone, regardless of the industry you are in, has an association of some sort. And guess what? They are fantastic to get involved with. You get so much out of it, professionally, and you are supporting those who support what you do. Some associations will include a listing of your business info on their website, some do annual conferences, free webinars, continuing education, email blasts, hiring help, networking, community initiatives, and more!


What am I saying here? Get involved. Pay whatever annual fee these guys charge (make sure it’s a legitimate organization first!) but they are typically $75-$250 per year, and come with a long list of benefits.


Where do I start? Google search your “profession” and “state” or “professional (nursing) association. You’ll get tons of results right away.


Plus, this is yet another credential to add to your resume! See? It all comes back to resumes in the end