Resume Maintenance – Paying Attention to the Data

How do I maintain my resume

We recommend having a spreadsheet where you can quickly and easily document your accomplishments.  Anytime something fantastic or noteworthy happens at work you have a go-to file to reference for your resume.  This will save time in the future when you do need to update your resume and the details will be more accurate because you documented it at the time it happened.  So when you do have that big opportunity come along, you can send your old resume with this spreadsheet you’ve kept to your resume writer at Power Writers USA for a quick update.


What are some examples of noteworthy details to keep on your spreadsheet?

– Sales & Marketing: sales goals met or exceeded (in dollar value or percentage),  # of accounts managed or opened, total increased revenue, or relationships developed.

– Construction Management: annual sales and amount increased, # of people you are managing, new business relationships developed, # of referrals for new business.

– Engineering: Value of projects you manage, number of people you manage, levels of responsibility and associated cost per project.

– Healthcare: Average number of patients seen on a daily or monthly basis, number of beds in a hospital, quality or service metrics, and any KPI’s that you’ve exceeded.

– Operations: Number of people managed, measurable improvements, quality metrics, staff developed or promoted, LEAN or cost-saving initiatives, projects managed and associated dollar value.

These are a only few examples of quantifiable metrics, anything else you think is important or relevant should be included as well.  No matter what industry you are in it is important to take time to reflect on your accomplishments and keep them documented.


Article written by: Power Writers USA