Seasonal Hiring Trends

Understand Recruitment Cycles to Give Your Job Search an Edge

Does hiring actually slow down during the holiday season in the US?

Based on our experience as a resume writing company, yes.

Seasonally, professionals tend to stop thinking about resume updates this time of year, and start focus on the fun stuff…like holiday shopping, cooking delicious food, family, and friends.

But what happens come January?


We are bombarded with a million requests for urgent resume updates that are needed yesterday and need done ASAP.

It’s a great time to plan in-advance for this. Whether you think you may possibly look for a new job, get recruited, have been actively looking for a while, or are considering applying for a better paying, higher up position… we suggest you get your resume professionally updated now… instead of waiting for the rush.

You never know when your resume will be needed for a potential opportunity. Prepare, plan, analyze, strategize, and get it done ahead of time.

This seems to happen every year, and honestly, we love January, because we are busy non-stop for the entire month… but we love our clients even more and would love to see them be prepared for this surge of recruitment and new hiring activity, which we KNOW will come.

Do you know someone who needs a resume update? Do you know someone who is looking for jobs, but not having any luck with callbacks?  Do you know someone who is a professional seeking greater opportunity? Do you know someone re-entering the job market? Do you know a college graduate who just got their degree in December?

What a better gift than a new, fresh, compelling, updated resume

Give the gift of opportunity. Call or email now… before the rush in Jan. We will be booked solid.