Should I Hire a Professional Resume Writer or Use a Resume Building Program?

As we’ve mentioned in other blog posts, your resume can be a critical component of your career success.  A well written resume can get you through ATS, open new doors, get you callbacks and interviews, and can be used as a bargaining chip to negotiate a higher salary.  A poorly written resume will get you nowhere but frustrated.

There are generally 2 main methods by which you can complete your resume; hire a professional to write your resume or do it yourself.  If you hire a professional you will be investing anywhere from $250-$1500, for a quality resume that you can expect will yield results.  If you take on the resume writing yourself, you may decide to use a free or inexpensive resume builder program, but is it worth it to save some money?   Let’s look at some of the pro and cons you can expect.

Some benefits you might expect from a resume building program

·        Easy to use templates that allow you to enter information into text fields that automatically fill a template.

·        Some text and visual modifiers but generally pretty limited features when it comes to dressing up the appearance of your resume.

·        Some templates may offer some built-in keywords for generic resumes such as entry level customer service resumes, sales resumes, etc.  But generally, you will need to provide your own content.

·        Inexpensive resume that looks better than most do-it-yourself products

What you don’t get from a resume building program

·        Expert knowledge. If you work with a reputable Certified Professional Resume Writer you can expect that the resume writer will know what type of content should be included for the specific jobs you are after, what keywords should be used, what format is appropriate and eye-catching, etc.  You can also expect that they can give you key pointers on small adjustments you made need to make your cover letter or resume more appealing for specific jobs.

·        Time savings.  You can save yourself quite a bit of time and frustration by working with a professional resume writer.  Our process requires a small investment of time, so we have all the information we need to turn around a great product.  We deal with the difficult part.  Writing your own resume can take many hours, especially if it’s not something you do all the time.

·        ATS Optimization.  In a world where software reads your resume before a person, it’s important to make sure your resume is optimized for ATS (applicant tracking systems).  If you are missing critical keywords your resume will likely not see a hiring manager’s eyes.

·        The Best Product Possible.  Professional resume writers make their living by providing top quality resumes.  They work hard to make sure you see results.  It is their livelihood.


If you do your research and want to invest the time, working with a resume building program can be a great way to make a simple, yet effective resume for a reasonable price.  Working with a professional resume writing service may cost a bit more but you may see improved results.  It is your career and your choice to make.  We wish you the best!

Bonus Tip: The more knowledge you have about how to best approach a job search, the better.  Contact a couple professional resume writers, career coaches, interview coaches, etc.  You can learn a lot just by having a brief conversation with them.


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