7 Reasons LinkedIn Is Your #1 Job Search Site

linkedin job search

When used properly, LinkedIn can be a job-seekers best friend. With an optimized profile, you can send a broader message of your skills and achievement to gain an endless amount of connections. Making LinkedIn Your #1 Job Search Site.

However, LinkedIn profiles are not to be used as a copy and paste of your resume. Remember, this is a networking tool.  The aim is to showcase more than your resume can while still using mandatory keywords and SEO optimization

1. Make Your Headline Count

Your LinkedIn headline is your online brand. Along with the profile picture, the name and headline are what impact those who view the profile.  Keep that headline tidy and on-point to stand out from the crowd.  Consider how these 2 headlines sound:

“Marketer seeking next opportunity”


“Consumer Products Marketer Looking for Small Brand to Make Big”

No brainer, right? Make your headline count! 

2. Follow Your Target Companies

First off, if you haven’t already, create a list of ideal companies that align with your interests and skills.  Use this list as your go-to for snooping around LinkedIn with intent. 

Now, go follow those specific companies.

This way, you’ll hear about anything new they’ve got happening. from a new branch office opening to a new product release or possibly even a hiring push.

3. Broaden Your Network

If you haven’t been meticulous about inviting new networking contacts and old colleagues to join your LinkedIn network, get caught up now! You can download your address books from any webmail application or Outlook contacts.

Consider this, one new first-degree contact with 100 connections of their own can expand your first-second-and-third-degree network by tens of thousands of people.

That’s good at any point, but especially in a job search where you’re looking for as much visibility into your professional ecosystem as you can get.

4. Get That Intro!

If your first-degree connection knows someone you’d like to talk to, ask for an introduction.

Just browse to your target person’s LinkedIn profile, look for the blue link that says “Send a Message” and click on the arrow on the right of the link.  If you and your target person have a common connection, you’ll see a “Get an Introduction” pull-down menu. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeazy.

5. Find Your Hiring Manager

You can use the Advanced People Search to find hiring managers in most companies.  Click ‘Advanced’ next to the search bar at the top of the page. Then enter your target company name with the most likely title for your hiring manager as a second search term.

For instance, if you’re a Marketing person, your hiring manager could be Marketing Director or Marketing VP.  Use your instinct and search around a bit.  You’ll likely find the connection you need in no time!

 6. Your Network Is A Fountain of Wisdom

Go back to the Advanced Search page and conduct a search using just your target company’s name as a search term. Who in your network is connected to that company, and how? Those folks can do more than just make introductions. They can offer insight into the company and also who they may know directly.

Remember that a job search is not just about being noticed and making connections. It’s also about learning enough to decide whether a company can use your talents plus grow your skills.  A little research can show whether it’s worth your time to pursue opportunities with your target company.

7. Stay In It!

Patience and persistence are the names of the game now. It may take longer than you anticipated, or you could find the ideal fit quite quickly. Stay with it to step up to your next opportunity!

We want to see all or clients operating at top value when it comes to using LinkedIn for job search purposes. Whether you’re needing a Resume update, Cover Letter, Recruitment Services or LinkedIn Profile Optimization, our team at PWU has what you need.

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Shifting Careers Between Freelance and Corporate

shifting careers corporate freelance

We’ve recently been looking at the double lane highway of shifting careers between freelance and corporate life.  From the perspective of professional resume writers, we’ve definitely seen equal movement between these 2 career directions.

Without question, transitioning from life at a corporate firm to working freelance is a HUGE life change. The greatest technique is in all the individual action steps taken to create a strong outcome. Successes certainly live in the daily grind.

Write a plan of action.

This helps maintain accountability and keep you on track.

If you’re not entirely familiar with the details of a business plan, that’s perfectly fine.  Think of your plan like a map. Begin with goal setting. Outline short-term and long-term goals and place them into a loose chronological order, the specific dates matter less than the actual structure.

Don’t burn any bridges.

Although it’s tempting to skip gleefully out of the door on your last day in the office telling everybody how great your new life is going to be, don’t.  You never know when you might need these contacts again, not to mention references from your employer. Leaving with a recommendation is never a bad outcome. 

Friendly reminder: The world is a very small place. and you never know where your future clients may be. 


This may sound dramatic but, ultimately you need to make sure EVERYONE knows you are going freelance: ex-colleagues, friends, old classmates, that neighbor with a beard.  Everyone.  Remember, getting work once you go freelance can take longer than imagined so build-up a client base in all ways possible.

Work is much more likely to come through known contacts. That’s just the nature of humans in general. We work with who we know and trust.

Network as much as possible, both in person and on social media.

Speak to friends or acquaintances who have made the leap to freelancing. These people are valuable resources for advice not just on those first few weeks starting out, but for the long haul.

Essentially freelancing is building your personal brand. 

This is a fact. Fortunately, there is ample information out there on the specifics of personal branding.  Quickprout has a nice guide that summarizes the process giving actionable items that help map the route. A quick Google tour will land you in front of some seriously good content for designing and managing your own personal brand.

Utilize social media.

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are all useful tools. Additionally, if your LinkedIn profile isn’t yet optimized, get it there.  Our team is highly skilled at LinkedIn optimizations that show clients in their best light possible.  This is mandatory in today’s workforce.

Optimize linkedin profile

94% of recruiters are searching for talent on LinkedIn. Use this tool.

Lastly, consider starting a blog. Yes, they are timely but well-designed search engine optimized (SEO) blogs are a great way to drive attention towards your website. This, in turn, builds an audience and potential client base.

Don’t be shy about putting your business out there.

Now, if you find yourself on the highway heading back to corporate structures then the strategy is dramatically different. At this point, your resume must highlight all the unique skills acquired as a freelancer plus reflect positively on the actual time away from the workforce.

As always Power Writers USA is here to help guide you through the steps. Resume Writing, Cover Letters, LinkedIn Profile Optimization and Recruiter Resume Distribution are all available from our team at PWU. Connect with us for a free consultation and resume review!

Unquestionably, unless you are a writing wizard, it’s in your best interest to hire a professional resume writer now.  Freelance skills are diverse and translating all the detailed specifics to corporate necessity is key to your resume making it through ATS and recruiter processes.

Tips for LinkedIn Profile Optimization

LinkedIn Profile Optimization

LinkedIn profiles are becoming more and more relevant to job seekers, recruiters, and hiring managers.  According to marketwatch.com some 93% of hiring managers search LinkedIn for recruits.  And even if you aren’t found through LinkedIn, you can bet employers will be search the internet to learn as much as they can about you, so it is important to have your profile dialed in for career success!  Here are some tips we recommend if you are going to optimize your LinkedIn profile yourself. 


Get the basics covered

It can be pretty easy to reach LinkedIn’s “All Star” status, which is an important step to gaining more exposure to job recruiters, however we encounter a lot of profiles that fall short of this.  Make sure you take the time to include the following: professional summary, work experience, skills, and education.  To top it off you will need to include a professional profile photo.  According to LinkedIn, adding a profile photo will increase your visibility by 27 times to recruiters.


Personalizing your URL

Did you know that you can change your LinkedIn URL?  Most people we work with don’t pay too much mind to this detail but here’s where this it of information comes in handy; as you know, many employers and hiring managers are going to do as much online snooping as possible on a job candidate.  You are going to make this easier for them by adding your LinkedIn URL to the heading of your resume.  But copying and pasting the generic URL that you are given is boring, and long.  You can customize or personalize your URL very simple by clicking on the “Edit public profile and URL” button near the top right of your profile.  It will redirect you to a new page where you can then modify the URL.  We suggest using your first and last name (for example linkedin.com/rickybobby), and if you have a relevant designation, add that too.  This will show potential employers that you are serious about your professionalism.


Make it about you, not your company

We’ve encountered enough profiles where people have simply copy and pasted a description about the company they work for without including any information about themselves.  While you have all right to do that, we suggest you making your profile more about yourself and what you do for the company you work for.  Let the world know specifically what you’ve contributed to the organization and what the results have been.  Just make sure you don’t come across as a braggart or embellish the truth, you never know who within your organization is looking at your profile.


Change out the stock LinkedIn banner image

Changing out the stock banner image in your profile settings allows you to bring a little more personality into your profile and to help you stand out.  We suggest selecting an image that is somewhat related to the industry or job position you are in.    Make sure it complements your profile photo and isn’t to heavy of a color where it is a distraction.


Seek out recommendations

You probably know quite a few people.  Don’t be afraid to reach out to a few of them and ask for a professional recommendation.  Offer one in return and let them know that is will help enhance their own profile.  Most of the profiles we see don’t have recommendations, and while this is a small sample of the population, we may make the assumption that if most people don’t have any recommendations, someone with at least 2 or more recommendations will likely stand out in a crowd.


Max out on your skills

You can add up to 50 skills on your LinkedIn profile and pin the 3 most relevant skills at the top of your list of skills.  We suggest selecting the 3 top skills that are most related to the job position you are targeting.  There are multiple categories under which your skills will fall; Industry Knowledge, Tools & Technologies, Interpersonal Skills, and Other Skills.  Make sure you have a good balance of skills within all of those categories.


Do you speak a language?

Chances are you do, but you don’t have it listed on your profile.  As silly as it sounds, you should add it!  You can add multiple languages and can select the level of proficiency for each language you speak.


Power Writers USA wants to know what you think of this, and other blog articles we post.  Your career change is unique and PWU is here to help you along the way with Resume Writing Services, Cover Letter Writing, CV’s, LinkedIn Profiles Updates, and more.  Contact us now for a free consultation and resume evaluation!