Talent Acquisition Trends 2016

It can be challenging to sift through all the news sources to get the real scoop on what trends are occurring when it comes to hiring.  This article delves into what we see are real occurrences in the job market.

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In 2016 — when 73% of companies indicate that talent acquisition is absolutely critical to executing their businesses’ strategies — it is imperative to have robust, effective, and easy-to-use technologies and tactics in place. It’s not just about supporting HR and hiring managers, though. Successful talent acquisition today puts candidates front and center.

The gap between hiring volume and budget is a continuous struggle, and their aligned movement indicates that this trend isn’t going away anytime soon. This imbalance prevents organizations from overcoming obstacles or transforming their talent strategies.

While the urgency to fill roles has made “time to fill” increase slightly, quality of hire continues to be the most valuable performance KPI. Most companies are measuring quality of hire with feedback methodology (such as new hire evaluations and hiring manager satisfaction), or a long-term methodology (employee retention).

Talent leaders aren’t convinced that they’re measuring quality of hire effectively. Only 33% of respondents feel that their methodologies are strong, and an even smaller 5% felt “best in class.” Therefore, there’s a lot of opportunity to improve how you calculate and present quality of hire.


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