We’ve made it to Friday!  This quick read will help you make the most of your day before heading into the weekend, enjoy!

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Ten Ways to Maintain That Friday Afternoon Motivation

TGIF! It’s almost the weekend and you can see the finishing line. You simply cannot wait for downtime. So why is time going so… slowly?

In accordance to a survey by British Airways, workers are at their least productive from 2.39pm on a Friday afternoon, but the reality is, you’re being paid to work until that clock strikes home time and it’s important to stay driven and productive until that very moment. So how exactly can you stay motivated when all you want to do is start your weekend?

Wake up motivated

The way that you start your day will ultimately dictate the way the rest of your day goes so it is imperative that you start as you mean to go on! Mentally preparing yourself for the day ahead and planning can make all the difference, helping you ride on the crest of momentum all the way into the afternoon.

What’s for lunch?

We all have a tendency to go overboard on a Friday lunch time but what you eat is of great significance to how you feel for the rest of the day. A heavy load of carbohydrates will make you feel sluggish and tired, both of which will do nothing for the motivation to get you through the rest of the day! Keep your energy levels high throughout the day by eating little and often.

Get out more

Get out of the bricks and mortar box on your lunch hour for a sunshine break! The Vitamin D will help to boost energy and getting outdoors will boost creativity and productivity.

Keep moving

Do some light exercises and stretches to help reboot your brain and keep your body moving and awake.Physical activity has energising effects and the more you exercise, the more you will benefit.

Take a breather

Perhaps a little counterintuitive, but relaxing in between busy periods and taking a few deep breathes to keep you focused can help you sustain motivation throughout the day.

Keep it interesting

Switch up your workload and be sure to keep it interesting. The ordinary reaction to dealing with Friday afternoon switch offs is to pack the bulk of your work into Friday morning. However, to combat monotony you should make sure that you have interesting to-dos after lunch – work on something that interests you to maintain engagement!

Have a pick me up

It’s time for some caffeine! Instead of coffee, drink a cup of green tea or treat yourself to a piece of dark chocolate for an afternoon shot of get-up-and-go.

Challenge yourself

Ask for a challenge or pile on the workload; distract yourself from clock watching by keeping yourself occupied with something that also benefits the business.

Crack a joke

Your happiness at work is central to productivity and, according to Entrepreneur, “Research shows laughter is closely linked with healthy, well-functioning blood vessels.” Infuse some humour into your afternoon to not only be healthier and happier but also much more dynamic.

Think positive thoughts

Be optimistic! Stay motivated by thinking yourself positive.

Friday afternoons needn’t be boring. The purpose is to make it interesting and fun with motivational hacks that help you get results around the clock!


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