The Value of Networking for Product Managers.

We are seeing a lot of movement within the Product Management market. It is always a wise choice to position yourself alongside other industry leaders and gain knowledge and support regardless of the industry you work in. However, this especially rings true for those in the Product Management industry. The technology is constantly changing and advancinng and as a result product management needs to continuoulsly adapt to the new landscape in order to stay cutting edge.

In her article, Anu Hastings speaks to the need for Product Managers to harness the power of networking to stay on top of the ever-changing market. Anu provides a list of industry leaders and explains the value in keeping a finger on the pulse of these professionals:

Creating a Twitter list of world-class product leaders is like having your own bench of mentors to turn to when hard questions come up. If you’re in product and aren’t following the folks below, you’re missing out on some incredible (free!) knowledge they share regularly.

Hastings, Anu (2019, January 10). 2019 Product Managment Trends [Web log post]. Retrieved March 5, 2019, from

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If you are looking for great networking opportunities here are some events to check out,

Mind the Product -July 15-16 (San Francisco, CA)

Atlassian Summit– April 9-11, 2019 (Las Vegas, NV)

Industry: The Product Conference– September 23-25, 2019 (Cleveland, OH) SiriusDecsions Summit– May 6-8, 2019 (Austin, TX)

Front: Conference for UX and Product Managers– June 6-7, 2019 (Salt Lake City, UT)

For more information on these events click here.

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