What You Need to Know About Video Interviews

Not all interview are conducted in person.  Thanks to technological advances video interview are becoming more common.  It can be strange talking to someone via a computer screen.  So how do you prepare?  Check out this helpful information about video interviews to learn more.  

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Virtual interviews for job candidates are becoming part of modern recruitment. They’re certainly one of the most popular contemporary recruiting trends. In fact, more than half of employers report using video interviews to screen candidates before meeting them in person. Why the popularity of the video interview? These kind of screening interviews are more efficient and inexpensive for employers than in-person interviews. Additionally, it’s easier for hiring managers to reject a candidate they meet over online video than someone they meet in person. Sad, but true.

Video interviews can certainly be daunting. Hiring managers judge you from your first moments on-screen. Certainly, you want to nail your interview questions, but you also want to make sure you have all the other steps in place that make you look good before you even open your mouth. Here, we’ll offer our top tips for nailing any and all of your video recruiting interviews.

Familiarize yourself with Skype, Google Hangouts, or the program used for your video interview.
By the time you’ve finished reading this article, you already should have downloaded Skype onto your computer. About 60% of employers use Skype for interviews in the early stages of screening candidates. Regardless of whether you’re using Skype or another program, it’s important to be a whiz at whatever video interview program your company requests.

You’ll likely have time in between the company’s request for an interview and the actual interview day, so use that time wisely. On the day of the interview, check out your system: look at yourself in your software’s video and also check to see that the sound is working properly on your end. Further, if your interview software has any bugs — like a faulty microphone or a terrible connection — you’ll want to know how to fix it, demonstrating that you’re technologically savvy and stay cool under pressure. Remember, the point of these interviews is to save your potential employer time.

Set the scene.
If you’ve ever used video software before, you know that you can see more than just the person’s head on the other end of the line. So make your space look presentable. First, find a place in your house that isn’t visually distracting; you’ll likely want to position yourself in front of a blank wall. Next, find a place that’s quiet; choosing a public place for your interview is most likely out of the question. After you’ve scouted your ideal location, put a light behind your computer to light up your face. Check out your reflection in your software’s video first. If the light casts shadows on you, move, and if your face looks shiny from the light, powder it. (Yes, even men).

Dress to keep their eyes on your face.
In a lot of ways, dressing for a video interview isn’t any different than dressing for an in-person interview. That means conservative tops for women with minimal jewelry and hairstyles that don’t cover the face. For men, button-up shirts are the appropriate go-to choice. Guys, if you’re interviewing somewhere you don’t know if a tie is appropriate, wear one for your video interview anyway. A tie that doesn’t have wild prints on it never hurt anyone. And don’t just dress from the waist up! You never know when you might have to adjust a piece of technology or, God forbid, quiet your barking dog or some other surprising mishap.


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