Why Hire a Professional Resume Writer? I can do it myself.

We get this question very frequently: “why hire a professional resume writer?” So frequently, in fact, that we are making it the subject of our blog today.

I completely understand the question relating to why hire a resume writer. Anyone can do it. Yes! Even you with no experience, or 30 years of experience that is hard to put into words. If you want to move up within your company, find a new job, apply for a management position, transition careers, or jump back into the market after a 5+ year hiatus. These are all situations that we have seen, and written for – with GREAT SUCCESS!

Your ROI…

1. We communicate very actively with our clients, in all industries, across the US, and frequently get feedback as to what works and what does not in your industry. Your chances of landing interviews are significantly increased due to our continuous improvement, and ultimately, your success is ours. We need you to land interviews.

2. An up to date, well formatted resume should do more than just help you land interviews as well… it will help you gain leverage when negotiating salary as it will show you’ve invested time/energy into creating a focused resume, showcasing your best, most hire able skill sets.

3. If you want to move up within your company, guess where they will look first? A revisit to your resume that landed you the job in the first place. Stay ahead of the game, be ready to move up!

4. Formatting changes and evolves over time, as well as key words which can be input into electronic software systems for hiring efficiency…all of this needs to be optimized. Ever seen a resume from the 80’s or 90’s? I bet it doesn’t look like a freshly updated resume. Also, remember you have LinkedIn, which is becoming more and more relevant every day to hiring managers.

5. We know you can do it, but we can write a resume efficiently and effectively. How much time do you want to spend finding formatting, verbiage, and industry tips? Your time is valuable.

6. We love what we do! So much in fact, we made it our business. We write professional resumes to help you grow professionally.

Bonus Tip!  If you decide not to hire a resume writer and want the challenge of writing your resume yourself there are plenty of products available to assist you with formatting suggestions and content creation.  Make sure you consider what a hiring manager wants to see in terms of content.


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