Outplacement Services

Are you resizing, restructuring, or reorganizing?

Avoid adverse action when conducting a layoff. Foster better alumni relations and get better results – for outbound job placement and overall company morale. We offer flexible outplace programs that support businesses of all sizes, to provide candidates with a personalized career plan to help them find their next job.

* For companies <5,000 employees. Maximum 20 package purchase limit.

  • 4.08 months is our average job search length
  • 97% of individuals found equal or better jobs (97.66%)

    What’s Included In Outplacement Services?

    • Professionally-Crafted Resume

    Resume best practices vary by industry and standards evolve quickly. Our professional resume writers help individuals build a digital-friendly resume that gets past filters and attracts the attention of recruiters and hiring managers.

    • Digital Branding Services

    Job search candidates are vetted through social media, digital portfolios, and online communications. Our experts work to optimize individuals’ LinkedIn profiles while guiding them through the digital job market scene.

    • Interview & Job Search Support

    Interviews can be challenging and our experts help employees navigate the most difficult aspects of in-person, online, and AI interviews. Plan ahead and reflect on the experience with our job search support.

    • The Tools Needed to Succeed

    Everyone’s career path is unique, and we have the best tools and resources to get individuals where they want to go. They will have access to career assessments, customized job leads, best practices, white papers, and more.

    1-on-1 Coaching Is At Our Core

    Every individual in our outplacement services program is carefully matched to a professionally-trained job search Coach. Our Coaches are industry experts knowledgeable about the latest job search and market trends, helping employees:

    • Navigate the job market, both in-person and online
    • Write professional resumes
    • Prepare for in-person and virtual interviews
    • Update individuals’ online presence and profiles

    Our job Coaches treat each affected employee with the utmost respect and empathy while delivering strategies that positively impact the job search.